We are a made from scratch, fresh, bright & healthy restaurant serving food inspired by the south of India.
Our foods are gluten free, except for our Chapatti, and vegan friendly. Enjoy!

Curry Shop Favorites

Vegetarian Combo

Biriyani with Spiced Lentils, Pan fried potatoes, Sauted cabbage and our featured veg. Finished with shallot & ginger yogurt + chutney for more heat!


Coconut Curry Chicken

Biriyani with spiced Lentils, Coconut Curry Chicken with sauted cabbage, Herb Yogurt & a splash of our Cilantro & Mint Chutney with crushed papadam


X-Hot Vindaloo Chicken Bowl

Steamed Basmati Rice, spiced Lentils, Chicken with Lemon, ground ginger & extra hot spices. Finished with our Herb Yogurt & pepper slaw


Masala Beef

Garlic, Ginger & spice braised beef served on steamed Basmati rice with spiced lentils, potatoes, yogurt, ground coconut samandhi & crushed papadam


Naddan Bowl

Steamed Basmati rice with curry lentils, your choice of coconut or Vindaloo chicken, beef, potatoes and sauted cabbage. Finished with yogurt, your favorite chutney & a warm chapati. “A bit of everything”


House Made Drinks

House made Hot Chai -$3.00

House made Iced Chai -$4.50

Mango Lassi -$5.00


Biriyani -.50

Extra veggie -.50

Chapatti (Flat Bread) -.50

Come In and Eat or Order Online

*Prices and selection may vary by location