Expect More From Your Ride Food

In 2009, I met [cycling coach] Allen Lim at a dinner. Later, Al went to work with Lance Armstrong as his trainer. I kept bugging Al during their Hawaii training camp, saying, “Dude, you should let me cook for you; I’ll pay for it myself and fly out.” I talked my way into it, and the Feed Zone cookbooks that Al and I wrote together grew out of that.

Athlete food isn’t different; they just eat more of it. That informed a lot of the recipes for the Feed Zone books. They’re uncomplicated recipes with big portions.

It’s the same philosophy behind Little Curry Shop, a casual restaurant in Denver that I opened in December 2014. Everything we make is gluten-free, and we cook with zero butter. I’m the test subject: I’m intolerant to wheat and large amounts of dairy. I get heartburn when stuff is too spicy or astringent, bloated from too much fiber. Most people think this stuff is normal: “I got heartburn, I’ll take these meds.” But a lot of that is manageable with diet. What you eat should not only be beautiful and taste good, but should make you feel good later, too.

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